jews are an evil race and (((christians))) are their accomplices

Spicy! Shocked parishioners catch Tennessee megachurch pastor in his boxers with married co-worker wearing just a towel: Couple claimed they'd stripped off after CHILI splashed their clothes!

you cant reform a subversion, any more than you can fix a nigger

they arent broken

your thinking is

all the criticism you make of conservatives and GOP?

the same can be made against the (((church))), and that's where it's needed and actually effective

Detroit man is granted $5k bond days after 'setting his pregnant-with-twins girlfriend on fire and burning 60% of her body': Democrat DA who supports bail reform admits bond was 'woefully inadequate'

the combination of ideology + violent niggers + experienced jews bodes extreme ill

always remember: if you're in a church...and you cant figure out who the cuck's you

say what you like about jesus christ, he helped the jews assassinate god

A. Linder resliced

google isnt a search engine it's a party line locater

200 Years Together

recording #21

complete ch 14. bolsheviks take power. jews dominate soviets (councils), people come to loathe jews, notice they're not the ones in bread lines

A. Linder resliced

This is the freedom they promise us
The freedom we see where Judah rules,
Behind prison walls and bars,
Within a dark prison sits
A humanity that longs for true freedom
And longs for rescue and release.

Two men take a CORPSE into Irish Post Office 'to claim his pension' in 'Weekend at Bernie's scam': Body 'was dragged to counter and propped up by pair who put a jumper over his face and a hat on his head'

now that's what i call

Distressing moment Russian lawyer, 40, plunged into a frozen river to mark Orthodox Epiphany before being swept away under the surface by the current as her children scream in horror

A. Linder resliced

@Alex_Linder I worked in SF this week where Newsom was mayor and parts of that city are looking like the Third World. The Main Library parking lot has become a shanty town. People do drugs in the open at the Civic Center.

Newsom finally starts clearing up his own mess: California governor picks up litter on LA railway where thieves have been ransacking packages from trains and admits 'it looks like a Third World country!'

the only solution to jews is exterminating them. nothing else works. that's what history shows. making this solution unclear to unthinkable is precisely why jews squirted the ink that is (((christianity))) in the first place

Psychology student, 21, is arrested after spitting on Jewish boy, 8, and telling him and his two siblings that 'Hitler should have killed you all' in Brooklyn

#2 most important story in world

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