it's easy to say white separatism and popular with morons who think they are smart but arent. it's precisely the problem that the "power" addicted whiteskin led by jew left wont allow anyone else to disagree with them, let alone leave their country. what would they do? their whole thing is bossing around other people. that's their culture, their mentality, their life.

it's easier to judge the quality of the car you're buying by the character of the seller than by looking at the car itself. that is my personal opinion. but then if you have a mechanic you trust, have them check it out for basic structural integrity and functioning.

is any one of you alleged peeps going to deny that these 'vaxes' that aint create circulation problems and fuck blood pipes?

i mean, is anyone disputing that?

jew-created and -spread universalist cult called (((christianity))) fostered Ultimate confusion & racelessness among whites.

if you worship christ the yid, you're anti-White


if the jan 6 clowns did what i advised, well before the fact, of showing up with guns INTENDING TO USE THEM, they could have put paid to half the (((mafia((( running this criminal clown show.

A. Linder resliced

@Alex_Linder No, no. I bought it not long, but too long after you first advised it and all the way up and I'm still 3x of my cost. If I'd been able to buy at the time you mentioned (i.e. 3.2K) I'd obviously be at 10x. So, don't sweat it.

god rewarded me with 3 instant decafs last time i went to aldi. after 3 fruitless trips. they put those in green caps like to mark off coffee-perverts from ruddy red normals

as america's #1 fan of instant decaf -- the only coffee with swagger, existing purely to exist -- i say quite heartily


i always hated political rallies, and now there's no point to them. simply killing the enemy is LESS dangerous than a rally and MORE effective. i defy anyone to dispute that.

i bought my first car on financing. why? i didnt know any better.

a coworker taught me how to do it correctly.

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@Alex_Linder @Vasta218 No, no, no. Amazing Grace weren't written by no dirt-eatin' baptist. No siree, not by any stretch of the imagination. These Northerners ate nothing but topmost of soils.

Poorly Informed Teenager(s) (PITs) --Vladimir Putin

bitcoin better get its ass in gear, been hyping it to all white people i see who Need To Hear, fucker drops 50%.

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@Alex_Linder I confess, I played it once at a church funeral for $250. Decades later, I still have nightmares about it, partially because I feel like I sold what could easily be mistaken for a part of my nonexistent soul by agreeing to do it in the first place and secondly because, due to the emotional stress of my internal moral conflict, I biffed the easiest bagpipe tune ever written in the last bar and turned what might have been a passable performance into complete fucking social disaster.

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bright young jew billionaire on future of crypto

funny: i always thought people with the face of 'melker' were 100% homosexuals, but he has a kid. i assume he's jew, i could be wrong. because my guesses and facts are not the same thing.

buy some bitcoin, right now. you wont regret it.

i said that when it was 3200.

i'm saying it now at 32k

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@Alex_Linder Judy reminds me that I already gave that money to a charitable cause, so I'm good with God, but I know I'll never forgive myself. Bagpipers are fingerists by necessity.

"jews hate christianity," says the halfwit. ok, explain this poster

christianity is the greatest friend that jews ever had - that's why they created it

(((Christian))) = anti-White

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