Sickening moment hit-and-run driver plows through group of men fighting in Chicago road and sends their bodies FLYING into the air before racing off: Three dead, one injured after horror crash


Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes, 24, was charged Sunday with two counts of homicide and is being held without bail after Pennsylvania State Police say he intentionally plowed his car into a fundraiser for the families of 10 people killed in a house fire earlier this month.

Texas cops launch manhunt for brother of ex-NFL star Aqib Talib after he 'killed youth football coach during row over kids game': Shocking clip shows fight break out just before shots are fired

it may seem softer or nicer to ye of little taste, but there isnt one whit of difference between the pravda ideological lying of the (((ussr))) communists and the pregnant virgin mary (((tale of tallness))) perpetrated by the (((christians))).

disdain for actual matter is big xdog theme. this is where 'civic nationalist' horseshit originates, tho most of its critics wont point that out. the team jesus mentality turns into civic nationalism upon the congregant exiting the church.

what controls macdonalds? that no one has to eat there.

what controls ANY government? nothing. well, nothing but the theoretical fear that enough people will come together to point guns at it. which is a gigantic, unwanted hassle. so effectively, nothing. there is no control on government, it's just fat stupid greedy lazy criminals doing whatever the fuck they want, exactly like tony soprano's social club.

socialized medicine: the (((govt))) allocates a portion of the money it steals from White earners to create a budget for treating people in such time and place as it feels appropriate, using such means and medicines as it sees fit. what if the most corrupt and greedy bastards on earth could make even more decisions affecting your life? that you're forced to pay for -- without having any say in? why, you've got it. that's exactly what socialized medicine is!

both disraeli the jew and Hitler the aryan agreed that race is the key to history - and great civilizations die from blood poisoning. christianity teaches blood poisoning as a principle, saying that race doesnt matter, just spirit. "spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal" was how mary baker eddy put it, for one. catholic e mike jones made a career out of identifying sexual degeneracy in jim goad's lucky charms; never the once has he mentioned race-mixing.

Rob Reiner
· 11h
After a lifetime of Criminality, Trump will be Indicted. He led an Armed Insurrection to overthrow the United States Government then stole Highly Classified Documents that put our Nation in danger. He is a Traitor. He will be Indicted.


Lark Davis
The REAL Reason Tornado Cash Was Taken Down... banks hate competition!

Can't have software cutting into their mega lucrative money laundering racket!

when it comes to prescription drugs, i'm like fugly chicks and abortion. by god i'll never need 'em but if i do, i dont want any g*ddam mountain goats in between me and my caplets of choice.

"merrick garland" is like a hollywood idea of a texan in a late night high stakes private poker game where not everyone at the table leaves intact

merrick garland is all tiny hat and no cattle. well, except the goyim who tolerate his kike ass.

"steelman" i love how basic diligence or honest argument has to have a special designer coolby name

to tomi lahren,

tony, are you ever going to interview anyone who hasnt had a jewdick in its mouth?

Alfred Gerald Caplin (September 28, 1909 – November 5, 1979), better known as (((Al Capp)))

Li'l Abner was created by a guy -- but not a goy -- from Connecticut.

Capp was born in New Haven, Connecticut, of East European Jewish heritage.

Al Capp. short for Caplin.

whoever, besides all of you, would have guessed.

twinkipedo says: Capp made a large personal fortune through the strip and "had a profound influence on the way the world viewed the American South".

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