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@su No, I got sleepy much sooner (went to bed at ~8 PM), slept better and got well rested sooner. After eating a full meal and a bunch of junk, I can really see the contrast of how my brain behaves chaotically on carbs and sugar.

Like Ekberg, I will keep doing OMAD (+ minerals) every day and 48-hour fasts twice a month. That's how much I like it.

A funny/paradoxical observation: I felt warmer during the fast (needed less clothes) than otherwise. I'm guessing fat burning produces more heat.

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gov't tries to engineer killer wu flu and the lifesaving vaccine.
ends up creating a mild fever (if anything at all) and a vaxx that has killed or injured far more than the flu ever could.

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@Alex_Linder Reminder that the very first event in the New Testament was Joseph getting cucked. Christians literally worship a wife's son as a god.

heap big rain in the . rained all night, supposed to rain all day.

Researcher’s Analysis of VAERS Data Reveals 5,427% Increase in Deaths Following Covid Shots Compared to All Vaccines of the Past 10 Years
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Click Here:

Health Impact News. Thanks, Christine Ross


" Anywhere from 2 million to 5 million have also been injured by them in some way. Kirsch is so confident in his analyses, he’s offered a $1 million academic grant to anyone who can show his analysis is flawed by a factor of four or more. He’s even offered $1 million to any official willing to simply have a public debate with him about the data, and none has accepted the challenge. "


" Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, has come up with even more drastic numbers. In the video “Vaccine Secrets: COVID Crisis,”9 he argues that VAERS can be used to determine causality, and shows how the VAERS data indicate more than 212,000 Americans have already been killed by the COVID shots.10 "


"Hyperinflation is defined as 100% cumulative inflation over a 3 year period. "

never heard that before, but if true, it's already here for some items

He’s right. It’s gonna hurt. 😂👍
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Alasdair Macleod
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Billionaire Mining Legend Pierre Lassonde Just Told Investors They Should “Buy Gold Stocks Until It Hurts” kingworldnews.com/legend-pierr

Tuur Demeester
Netherlands' gasoline price soon heading towards €2.1 per liter - that's the equivalent of $9.27 per gallon.

If _YOU_ were in the Human Zoo, what would the Title Plate on your Exhibit read?

To be fair to our times, we definitely have the ingredients to populate the Best. Human. Zoo. Ever.

say catholic, say cuck
say christian, say cuck
say conservative, say cuck


bury the alt-right in fitted pants so it will make a good-looking short corpse


keiser with a new one for britain:

Plague Island

"bitcoin was created specifically to kill central banks" --keiser

also says London is center of global financial fraud, has been enslaving people since 1694

because they had so exahausted the possibilities of Man and Woman they made of themselves 'trans' sexuals and all kinds of motley creatures.

i guess it's possible (((mary))) wasnt genetically related to sarah silverman


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"SNL should do a skit about this incident and have Trump come on and play Alec Baldwin. Poetic justice." --Bedford on vnnforum.com

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