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To be born into a culture of high achievement and beauty is an invitation to participate and to develop skills aligned with those traditions.

To outsiders who lack the intrinsic abilities to participate in the host culture, achievement and beauty are insulting threats that must be degraded, and then destroyed.

when you're the spider web gal, you may be 4 ft tall, ugly and wall eyed but...when they need a spider web cleaned up


there's a pride that attends it. it's no mere job. not even career. it's a fucking STATION.


A. Linder resliced

one way i do miss middle ages, there were always gimps and sundry defectives around to do minor tasks in exchange for their porridge, like sweep up spider webs or watch a stray fire. just being alive and breathing is enough qualification for some things. no one has Stations today, all just what kin ah do you for?

The basic problem with xtianity, aside from it being untrue, which is obvious to a child, is that it FRONT AND CENTERS JEWS - the very species MURDERING our civilization.

There's no way around this. If you promote (((jesus))), you're a conservative; if you're a conservative, you're a liberal. If you're either, you're part of . Now get out of here and build your mind back better.

What a great day to be alive!


A. Linder resliced

For faggots who think @Alex_Linder is "too extreme", this kike advocating for murders of his political rivals is a current professor at Wayne St. in Michigan.
(image taken from Mike Enoch's telegram)

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Blade Runner is a shit movie, it's 40 minutes of plot stretched into two agonizing hours

"but it's a slow burn" no, motherfucker, The Usual Suspects is a slow burn. Blade Runner just has terrible pacing

Jesus proved death is optional;
trannnies prove sex is optional.

It's all up to _you_.

The host with the most! Connecticut priest chokes back tears as he claims parishioner witnessed a MIRACLE when number of wafers he was handing out 'multiplied'



kohberger's now a xtian. christianity is the usual hiding place of the scoundrel.

"We're all in this together." -- xtianity's smuggled assumption.

No, we're not. Niggers and jews are problems that must be solved or we will be destroyed.

1965: "Whatever floats your boat."

2023: how's that working out for ya?

christianity is fitted to mawkish dopes, and mawkish dopes it indeed produces.

i'm going to need you to bring that same energy to not using stupid trendy phrases kthx

A. Linder resliced
it wasn't

nothing was inspired by blade runner except ryan gosling memes

blade runner original recipe sucked

all great rhetors from Carbuncle The Greek (where arispustule stole most of his best stuff) acknowledge the Extreme Importance of comparing your enemies to

1) animals; or

2) advanced stage diseases...

...the disgustinger the better

mummiferous is a wonderful word that means third-stage syphillis. USE IT WORD-POORS.

you wonder why sexual morality has declined? because we dont see this walking around scaring the living shit out of us.

it's obvious 100% of the actual hate comes FROM jews and is directed AGAINST whites.

100% undeniable.

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