Gmail creator predicts 'total disruption' for Google as new chatbot ChatGPT challenges tech giant's monopoly on internet searches: 'AI will eliminate the search engine result page'

Latest iteration of artificial intelligence chatbot leading to speculation it could replace popular tools like Google's search engine within two years. ChatGPT was created by a leading AI research lab.

Short-man syndrome is REAL: Smaller men have psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies that help them appear more powerful despite their lack of height, scientists say

Researchers from the University of Wrocław in Poland surveyed 367 men and women and found that shorter participants displayed the 'Dark Triad' personality traits more strongly.

Dec 5
Only Nazis don’t like child drag shows. Act accordingly

Kirstie Alley reached 'Thetan 8' superstar status in Scientology after devoting her life to the church that helped her kick cocaine habit: Memorial at HQ will focus on her 'rebirth' after colon cancer death

Both catholicism and libertarianism throw biology out the window to keep their false view of man as generic and interchangeable - the exact same thing as John Rawls's Original Position.

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The victim narrative doesn't work with me. It's a gross manipulation of reality. I don't like people who think they are the chosen ones destined to rule over everyone else. That kind of supremacy needs to be exterminated.

Eric Schmitt
Another nugget — Anthony Fauci’s daughter worked at

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""Fuck around and find out", eh? Looks like the muskrat is trying to pull a Trump here, i.e. he's trying to portray himself as a tough guy, a true boss, when in reality he's nothing more than Shlomo's bitch since he folded like a cheap suit and agreed to ban anybody that Jonathan Greenblatt and his fellow jewish supremacists at the ADL don't approve of."

Perhaps they should purge Talmud from their lives and also speak out regarding Apartheid Israel and its human rights violations
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James Woods
I just had a moving conversation with one of my dearest friends. She is liberal. She is Jewish.

We TOTALLY agree that extremism in this country is leading to a poisonous antisemitism that we BOTH abhor. If you know any antisemites, purge them from your life like the plague.

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If anyone ever challenges your assertion about the Jewishness of the Frankfurt School, just use this mnemonic device to educate them.
"I waved a FLAG for HeLP with installing my K&N air filter in my BMW."

Fromm (Erich)
Lukacs (Georg)
Adorno (Theodor)
Grünberg (Carl)

Horkheimer (Max)
Lowenthal (Leo)
Pollock (Friedrich)

Kirchheimer (Otto)
Neumann (Franz)

Benjamin (Walter)
Marcuse (Herbert)
Weil (Felix)

EU cunt says 100,000 dead ukes. scott ritter says more like 250,000.

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got suspended for saying jews are a race of criminals. so free speech is more a marketing term than real. musk thinks like every other conservatard in this regard. but still on there.

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