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@Alex_Linder what was going on 9 months before 2022Q1?

April '21:
> The new law enables the government to impose curfews between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. in districts where cases exceed 100 per 100,000 residents on three consecutive days. The rules also include stricter limits to private gatherings and shopping.

Lockdowns could have done some of this. Hard to knock up your sweetheart when you're single, not mingling with the opposite sex, and locked in your apartment

(((christian))) 'morality' is the only serious obstacle standing between whites and doing what reason and history indicate is necessary re jews: exterminating them.

A. Linder resliced

Listen to this pretty girl to learn more about Brainchip. The trend is that Artificial Intelligence is moving to Edge and this BrainChip AI processor is one of the frontrunners here. BrainChip Akida is a game changer, because It enables compute at edge at very low power.

bitcoin was first. it's hard to see what other objective advantage it has. the maxipads are so angry because bitcoin is akshually just like every other crypto: it needs enough people actually using it or it will fail. of course many coins were begun as cash grab but bitcoin maximalists pretend that all coins are in this vein. not so. and the the ones that arent represent a true threat to bitcoin in claiming its market share and actually developing layered tech while bitcoin essentially stagnates

it is funny to observe leftists pretending they respect precedent

the overturning is not a victory for life it is a victory for legality. judges dont follow the law very often on the heavy stuff because their views and the media are on same side, so they face no repercussions from simply imposing their agenda. since leftism is inherently a minority view, their decisions are nearly always anti-democratic, going by the dictionary definition of democracy

can one of you fine peabos tell me what this is, what kind of fruit?

Paul Gosar
Ending child sacrifice is God’s work.

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was it also God's work to stand by while 70,000,000 were sliced and diced?

christians love what they call morality, and they couldnt care less about the consequences of same. exactly what we see with secular liberalism (wokism).

loosing niggers destroys society. so what? it's what god wants.

that's the pattern all their arguments follow. if something is deemed by them immoral, they shut like clam. wont hear any argument from mere reality.

christianity IS liberalism. and it's from the jews. and it destroys White society and White genes, just as it destroyed Rome.

no, the vaccines are not vaccines but poisons. yes, the fake vaccines are part of a long-term jew-globalist depopulation agenda.

all life is equal and deserves love, anything else is immoral. that's the xtian position.

promiscuous spiritual love is more degenerate and more dangerous to society than mere butt-fucking the fags do.

even the term pro-life is objectionable. i'm anti-murdering some babies (some white ones). i'm anti all attempts to deny it is baby murder in all cases, because i like rhetorical honesty. but i'm not pro-life for murderers on death row. this notion of life stripped of all quality measure is christian and despicable - in fact it is degenerate. degeneracy pretending to be love -- the spiritual counterpart to flesh-queer 'love.' spirit-queers and flesh-queers are both forms of degeneracy.

what's interesting re bitcoin. last fall everybody (with 2-3 exceptions) was sure bitcoin was headed to 100k by start of year.

now, the vast majority seem to be thinking bitcoin still has one more big drop before the cycle bottoms out. most guesses are maybe 10-15k.

will the majority be wrong again? has bitcoin already bottomed?

what matters is, if you agree with the fundamental case for bitcoin, now is certainly a good time to buy (21k).

no serious man would support israel and proclaim his love for jews while also talking against sexual perversion that springs pretty much from jews alone.

this is not how serious men operate. serious men are not christians because christianity isnt serious, it's a clown ism designed by jews for stupid, weak goyim.

you have jews sexualizing germany and usa in 20th century at the exact same time.

nazis stopped it
christians in america succumbed to it.

christians value jew-worship more than they value fighting the perversion of society by those jews.

I actually think Solana’s web 3 phone sounds cool. Not sure if it’s the best use of time and resources. It also seems a bit redundant. But time will tell.
ADA whale
Why not a solana airplane? Or fridge

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