Oh yeah - jews were A-OK when they were jewing the Egyptians & genociding the Canaanites; they only became kikes when they killed Gawd's Big Boy. Check, and double check.


@NBForrest he's saying they became jews when they rejected jesus. i thought this meant - the gene/behavior collective known as jews, but apparently he just means the name. before that they were israelites? i'm still not 100% on this.

but the claims is the same because he's saying it's at this point the "jewish revolutionary spirit" was born. i think that's what he's saying. but they were turds all through their history. a rosenstein by any other name...

@NBForrest for jones's thesis to be true, he must demonstrate one time in history when jews didnt exhibit what he calls "jewish revolutionary spirit"

can he?

we maintain it's just TJB all the way through

he's trying to define them on his terms. force them into his system. but the racial explanation works better.

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