Avoiding Nordicism is an effect of being propagandized by the enemies.

@TheIronHeart maybe but it's just not relevant when we're fighting an outside enemy.

no one's trying to force-amalgamate anyone, at least i'm not

@Alex_Linder Yes. But you suggested the idea of a White mafia. Scandinavians just aren't fit for it. Italians are. Russians as well. Irish are the curious outstanding example here.


@TheIronHeart from what i've read, it's more a small-nation thing. they get dominated by large countries. so they learn a secret language among themselves. in sicily that translated into mafia. i dont know that that's racial.

the comparative stranger-trust of the north vs south is definitely a factor.

gangs are the natural form of ethnic/racial protection where the state has broken down (urban areas) or stood down (as in prison)

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