the racial explanation of jews supersedes the false and desturctive and irrational christian definition of them as a wrong belief system - ie, rejecters of jesus

racialism supersedes christianity, when it comes to understasnding jews

the people always undestood that jews were a different species, but for ideological reasons the priests insisted on the lie - thereby endangering the people untili finally they faced, in 21st century, an existential threat

Christianity is anti-White.


Take a look at any list of expulsions of the Jews throughout history, note how many were done by Christian-run governments (which is virtually every one of them from 500 AD to the present), and then get back to me.

Morons like you amuse me, because you want to take back every aspect of Western society that the Jews have corrupted, except the one that was central to building Western society, which is the Church.

@Trusty_Possum xtian fags like you can never grasp that they were kicked out by whites- not exterminated as they should have been. because of xtian coctrine that jews are a BELIEF rather than a RACE they were readmitted 100x. which is what retarded morons like you never think of. hence actual functioning brain people like me have to point it out.

why did your cretin cult READMIT JEWS 110x???

i've included the answer in the question because you li'l lobes need help, pooky.


Your same retarded argument could be used to say that Whites are terminally stupid and racially defective for letting the Jews back in 110x.

Checkmate, moron.

You can't point to a single expulsion based on whatever piece of shit neopagan crap philosophy you personally espouse, EVER in the last 1500 years.

Meanwhile we can point to every single expulsion of Jews from the West by Christians and provably assert that said expulsions were based on Christian doctrine.

Take a look at the Disputation of Paris for example. None of that had anything to do with Whites per se, or Jews per se, all that Talmud-burning and persecution of the Jews was based on revulsion of their slanders against Christ.


That's a lie.
All mankind came from Adam and Eve.
That includes even the Jew.

You may not like the Jew
but you're not at liberty
to invent your own history
out of thin air
The fall
Corrupted all of mankind
Even the European.
Jews are especially wicked
because they initially had the most blessings from God

Read the Old Testament, if you are literate.
The Church "Orthodox"
Welcomes all mankind
regardless of pedigree or geneolgy.

Jews are the Spawn of Satan and thats the reason for their perverted and fucked up mindset

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