if whites are such a great race, filled with creative geniuses, why are they so easily fooled? by the same trick? over and over? like a bluegill?


Ergo the Greek myth of the Achilles Heel. To be fair though, it did take a couple of centuries to get us to this point.

@Alex_Linder the same genetic predisposition for cooperation which enabled us to build civilization is what they exploit to use against us

@Jimbobjames that doesnt explain why we fall for the same few tricks repeatedly. we are smart enough to see what's actually going on

@Alex_Linder i believe its a combination of that, brainwashing, and the fact that they look like us.

they had boned christianity by 200AD

@Jimbobjames ravage says christianity arose among jews. they recognized its danger. they recognized they could use it to push back rome. but it went even further: they could use it to destroy a race competing with them.

if christianity made white strong (rather than the reverse), jews wouldnt allow it ANYWHERE in the mass media

this is simply not deniable. it's funny to see people who think they are pro-white evade the undeniable point just like alt-SJWs

@Alex_Linder I didn't make it a religion that was centered on standing up to truth even if it means you're going to die... All about being a pussy. They did

@Alex_Linder i think theyved studied us like rats
i think they did it to the civilizations that were before us
i think they somehow kept the 'manuals'
i think they did it in pre-history too

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