holocaust survivor is a funny concept: the kike gets credit (and money, lots of money) for dying and surviving. an imaginary atrocity.

@Alex_Linder Still no money from the jews who financed and carried out the holodomor in the Ukraine, or ran the gulags and assassination squads in Russia.

Jews are a nation when they want to be and citizens of your country when they want to absolve themselves of responsibility for the results of their their satanic disposition.

'no, no, the communists were atheists, not jews'.

But they were racially jewish.

'no they were atheists'.

And around and around it goes, with rising anger in the voice of the juden or mentally molested jewish partisan goy.

What do living German taxpayers today have to do with WW2? Nothing. By what right does Germany pay 'holohoax reparations'? None.

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