i've seen arrogance from jews over decades. this arrogance comes from knowledge of what they have that isnt shown to the public. the ADL having 10,000 files (as revealed in Calif. case) was before the internet, basically.

i believe they have a database of all potential enemies (including all whites, those working w them too), incl info on credit cards, banking, medical, social, driving, insurance, school, criminal, internet history, household utilities, pictures/video, audio recordings.

@Alex_Linder The jew is the mafia optimized for global domination.

@Alex_Linder You've forgotten to mention what is potentially the most dangerous and predictive database of all, DNA.

@Alex_Linder Absolutely. Hell there are probably hundreds of Jew-run companies which collect data directly for these purposes. 'Ricky Vaughn' the Trump superfan from Twitter who Paul Nehlen exposed was working for a company that was collecting data on the 'alt right' to use for both turning out dumb conservatives to vote for the GOP, and to identify whites when they tried to fight back against the system (even with totally harmless stuff like putting up posters).

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