the mongtards have cleaned the racks where i live. they've even sucked up most of the napkins. pics from aldi and walmart. kirksville, ne MO, 3pm hour 3-13-20

@Alex_Linder Same here. All rice, pasta, toilet paper out. Also black pudding was completely emptied. Curiously enough the bottled water was basically untouched, we have a great water system here but come on, if you're that scared, get some damn water as well.

@TheIronHeart the mongs were also buying water and bread here. buy your tap water two times, makes sense. and load yourself with shitty carbs and industrial waste products.

here they were out of name brand 3ply so i had to settle for store brand

next few weeks could be rough

@opie i channeled my inner jew and somehow scrounged up 3 packs of Butt's ChoiceTM "Get in the Hole!" 4-ply that is softer than angel regrets. i will put it up for bid here to help out the collectors, just DM me.

@Alex_Linder at our aldi, I overheard a lady outside tell her husband that they restricted purchase to one toilet paper and paper towel each. A lady I know in Ohio didn't know about the tp hoarding, went out to get some because she was out and couldn't find any

@su it was gone but one when i got there. i took two pics. a blonde girl came by and said please dont take any photos. but i asked her if they had a run and she said they did. kind of a dumb question but still.

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