Why do some Ashkenazi Jews look white?


@Lakhey because they have about 1/3 white genes. they lived in poland long time, that's where they proliferated

So should they be allowed to live in a white ethno state? @Alex_Linder

Then why many nationalists are against their ethnostate?
@ThreeOneThreeChris @Alex_Linder

@Lakhey @Alex_Linder Because they use it as staging ground to wage genocidal campaigns against Europe, and bridle to jerk America around by the face.

Jews intermarried with the Elites of society to gain power. Ashkenazi Jews look White while Mizrahi Jews look Arab. Bukharan Jews look Central Asian. However, all of them are 2nd to 3rd cousins of each other. @Lakhey @[email protected]

@Alex_Linder @Lakhey It's still hard to understand. I know that during that time, there was tremendous pressure not to inter marry with the Christian Poles. But obviously it happened, as you just said.

@Alex_Linder @Lakhey I mean, you don't just become white just by living in Poland, right?

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