@don stupid. and dishonest. the opposite of the truth. as you know, the antifa flag was taken directly from the communist flag. the people the nazi's fought.

you're a piece of shit for perpetrating lies.


I agree with Alex's comment, the OP is being dishonest and its disgraceful.

With that said I'm not sure modeling the Antifa flag after communists is even remotely better than modeling it after the Nazis.. soooo there is that.


@freemo @don nazis were the good guys. jew-communists were the bad guys. americans were the guys who helped the bad guys. who murdered tens of millions of whites. maybe you can figure out what that makes americans.


If you think Nazis were the good guys, well then your the real piece of shit.

I'm done here.


@Alex_Linder if taking it as just copying the flag, it's not correct, I agree. But it's about copying the methods. Nazi were looting jews shops, same as antifa in NY

@don what did the jew-communists do to the germans first? you're not interested in that. you're a typically stupid cowardly white conservative brainwashed idiot.

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