What have they ever accomplished? If we are going to obsess over what Whites have done or may have done in the past, why not look at what niggers have done? They haven't accomplished shit but killing, raping and robbing people. That's all. So fuck them.

@TheIronHeart they've destroyed large parts of many formerly wonderful american cities. Baltimore, for one.

@Alex_Linder Yeah. Gary, Indiana is another example I saw some time ago. Not that big of a city but used to be very prosperous with a steel industry as I understand it. Then that moved overseas while the city was booming with niggers and this is what you get... Easy to shittalk some parts of Russia, and I agree as a Swede, but this looks like the worst parts of Russia. Very depressing.



@TheIronHeart camden N.J. too. people dont even realize these areas used to be white and civilized, they've been black so long. compton, california too.

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