@Alex_Linder Attention: ALL my websites were hacked and totally taken down: historyreviewed.com, africancrisis.info, white-shop.biz and janlamprecht.com - Everything was destroyed. I'm busy working on restoring them. I had intense hacking on my sites and servers for at least 2 weeks before. I countered them, but eventually they took everything down and destroyed it all - databases, programs, etc. All smashed. They don't like what I'm saying.

@historyreviewed @Alex_Linder Same day they banned r/The_Donald, Molyneux's Youtube, Reddit's TERF board and Trump's Twitch account.

Just another coincidence!

@judgedread @historyreviewed

it's time for a White Liberation Army. not patriot militia faggotry, just a good old fashioned here to kill you until we're free collection of fighters

@Alex_Linder @historyreviewed Most likely scenario that turns out that way is BLM/antifa mobs start raiding the suburbs. Framed as self defense (which even legally it would be) it could snowball from there.

The rich guy who stood up to the mob with an AR-15 is exactly the type who would have cucked out under almost any other circumstance. But self defense is still a part of the American mythos of Death Wish, Dirty Harry and of course John Wayne, which is the deeper meaning of his cancellation.

@Alex_Linder @judgedread @historyreviewed

Brandishing smokepoles they and the enemies know they don't have the balls to use just makes them clowns.

Let there be 1000 Points of Muzzle Light.

Then a million.

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