almost insanely biased piece by some douche nordic. you'd think blacks are some kind of oppressed, valuable entity if you didnt know any better.

@Alex_Linder I think it is interesting how the course has changed over the years. For a long time the jews wanted to make us believe that we're just all the same, all humans trying to get along, regardless of color. But now they are making skin color a very loaded thing. It's like they are deliberately stoking racial enmity. It's a pretty recent phenomena. What gives?

Also the nigger in Russia is ridiculous, that just has to be a lie.

@TheIronHeart jews work all angles at all times; they dont worry about consistency, just doing whatever proves effective at scaring, discombobulating, demoralizing the enemy. it really is similar to how large fish like sailfish herd and feast on baitfish. the baitfish endlessly herd-turns in panicky attempt to escape. if they ever try to step outside the frame, they have (((xtianity))) telling them pride is a sin, and be obedient to (((authority))).

@andreas @TheIronHeart have to class DS with the likes of EMJ now - valuable for the anti-jew facts they get out there, but the kiko-xtian crap is wrong.

@Alex_Linder @andreas @TheIronHeart The behavior of the lemmings has driven home the need for religion among the masses for me, but I don't see any path where Christianity is beneficial to the white man moving forward.
@MaceDindu @Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart We must be bold in our faith. Our faith. Not the "faith" of anyone else that is not of our race.


"Then Trayvon Martin was shot and killed after buying a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea."

Only innocent little tykes buy candy & ice tea!

"Black emigres who, feeling cornered and powerless in the face of persistent racism, police the USA".

NOT "alleged" or "perceived", mind you. Oh no.


Bitch Name's photo looks like the greasy Nordfag his "reporting" makes it clear he is.

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