There's a reason jews call us cattle, it's because we allow ourselves to be..


@RandolphScott whites prefer lies, such as xtianity, to the facts. they suffer the consequences. most of them cant even make the connection.

"a thing is not true because i wish it to be."

what percentage of whites can meet this mental standard?

even most high-IQ whites canNOT accept this truth on any 'real' level.

@Alex_Linder I don't know what it's like in other countries. But here in Ireland the people with the most Irish of names (like how dare you anglicise my name, this a Gaelic name and must be pronounced in Gaelic) are the worst of traitors...

@RandolphScott i'm just glad you're on here giving us the perspective from Ireland; it's quite valuable. people dont seem to get, i dont just talk about because the most important place on earth and God's country,, as all real scholars agree, but because it gives people elsewhere a little idea about small-town midwest USA. this is the point of social media, at least to me.

@Alex_Linder cheers..
Yeah I find what's happening outside your window is most important, everyone has opinions...
At this stage Ireland is Sweden-light...
Half of the craziness and no mass rapes yet.

@RandolphScott @Alex_Linder "The Niggers o' Europe", they were. They stand in solidarity with their mud brothers, whether in Timbuktu or Tipperary.

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