"In Christianity all of Judaism, a several-century-old Jewish preparatory training and technique of the most serious kind, attains its ultimate mastery as the art of lying in a holy manner. The Christian, the ultima ratio of the lie, is the Jew once more — even three times a Jew. (Antichrist, sec. 44)"

perfect description of emj and his contrived-outrageous effronteries against iq, race, rationality itself - all in name of greek (not xtian) logos

@Alex_Linder I understand logos now. He wants to make Christianity seem white and not semetic as it obviously is.


@Someguy his ideology is this: christianity = civilization. chritianity made white people. two obvious rebuttals suggest themselves: japan/china/old india - civilizations with zero christbunk. not to mention Greece and Rome. different races creating civilization without christbunk. then you've got south america. xtianity hasnt created civilization there. then the old irish puritan trembles hand into garbag to pull out: oh yeah, it takes 1000 years! always an excuse. RC pilpul = rabbistrong.

@Alex_Linder @Someguy Civilization isn't the be all of anything. It is a great filter. Christians want to be filtered/naturally selected from the natural world with everyone they get their hands on. Cross-dodgers are a suicide cult in slow motion via a train pile up. Christians are better at being Jonestown than Jonestown.

An race that survives and continues despite the superficial loses inflicted upon it that all attempts to naturally select them out wins the game.
@andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy White Christians are empirically much better at reproducing than white atheists, and on average are less suicidal in their politics.
@andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy Unfortunately we're living in Idiocracy, where any group with a triple digit IQ is reproductively unfit and being outbred by the less intelligent.
@ArdanianRight @Alex_Linder @Someguy That means intelligence is overrated and underlevelled in the face of natural selection.
@andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy It's useful in a Malthusian context where being smarter and gaining higher social status gives your offspring a better chance of survival. Right now reproductive success is more driven by a lack of impulse control because the welfare state will pick up the tab.
@ArdanianRight @andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy The white birthrate in the Soviet Union was quite high. The white birthrate in modern nominally-christian Russia is staggeringly lower.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @ArdanianRight @Alex_Linder @Someguy @andreas

That's likely because in eurooean communism men go to work to provide labour for projects and women can just stay home.

Since the state is paying for everything, a relaxed woman and a man now striving to keep a roof over their head have more than enough opportunity to breed.

It's true that Soviet Union was antireligious, but a near criminalization of religion in an of itself didn't raise white birthrates.

Rather the economic policies that were present made family building through more sexual relations easier.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @Alex_Linder @Someguy @andreas Russians are one of the lower IQ groups of whites. The point is I don't think Christianity vs. Atheism is the issue that's driving this.
@ArdanianRight @ThreeOneThreeChris @Alex_Linder @Someguy Ideologically speaking Atheism and Christianity are one in the same. The antithetical dichotomy between them is a dangerous falsehood.
@ArdanianRight @Alex_Linder @Someguy @andreas I just don’t like the notion that whites ‘need’ christianity to stabilize our birthrate and ensure our survival. Christianity has caused us more harm than good as a racial whole.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @Alex_Linder @Someguy @andreas I think Christianity has been adaptive at times in the past, but it's not really right now.
@ArdanianRight @ThreeOneThreeChris @Alex_Linder @Someguy The natural world never seriously bothered to take them out of the gene pool.
@andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy @ThreeOneThreeChris If the bubonic plague wasn't the natural world playing hardball I don't know what is.
@ArdanianRight @Alex_Linder @Someguy @ThreeOneThreeChris Plagues, Earthquakes and Forest Fires are among the lightest of castigations that Nature does upon creation.
@andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy @ThreeOneThreeChris Infectious diseases were one of the leading causes of death up until the second half of the 20th Century because of vaccination. Plagues have absolutely devastated populations and nearly wiped out the Indians when the conquistadores brought their diseases over. Plague is nature's #1 mechanism for culling the herd.
@andreas @Alex_Linder @Someguy @ThreeOneThreeChris 2020 reminded us of this. Corona is still pussy shit compared to a lot of the stuff we used to have to deal with.
@Simpadoo @ArdanianRight @Alex_Linder @Someguy @andreas Their Mi Mil-24 is also arguably the best combat rotary-wing aircraft ever made.
@Simpadoo @Alex_Linder @ArdanianRight @Someguy @andreas Russians particularly excelled in all their military endeavors because they were awash in confidence for having crushed Germany in WW2.
@ArdanianRight @Alex_Linder @Someguy "White" Christians and "White" Atheists are both suicidal in their respective religious and political views. They both don't care about the race of their lineage but how to maximize their ideological insanity at the cost of their own race.
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