there are no jewish parallels to hoffman and jones. no jews arguing that the problem with whites is cultural, not genetic. which means, can be fixed. no, the problem, ALL jews agree, is the genes. even tho most jews are leftist, they all somehow in actual behavior are genetic essentialists when it comes to their #1 enemy.

isnt that interesting. meanwhile, overdegreed white fools tells us we must love them - which advice these bogtrotters got from a jew inside a jew-written book. it is to laugh.

@Alex_Linder Whites appear to have become too stupid to survive. Centuries of Jesus has finally shut down their brains and rendered them incapable of logical thought. The white race is unfit to survive. The race that produced Darwin ironically become prime winner of the Darwin award for THE moron species on the planet Earth. A race of morons is not fit to breathe air and is being gradually phased out of existence.

@Joseph_Walsh @Alex_Linder
MADE too stupid.

Tanstaafl, expert on Jews Jewing Jewily, recently wrote: "an irrepressible will to shape the thinking of others".

@Joseph_Walsh @Alex_Linder Then clone. Clone the greatest of minds, finest of soldiers and most faithful of servant a thousand fold to usher a new era of glory...
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