@Alex_Linder @Marko Jesus was exactly the opposite of a "jew".

Most palestinians have hebrew blood.

Hebrew does not mean "jew". What we understand by "jew" today is exactly "pharisee".

Jesus was hebrew and considered "a jew" of his time. By that same classification criteria, all christian palestinians today would be "jews".

Jew today = pharisee. Plain and simple.
Exactly the opposite of what Jesus was.

@mystik @Marko nope, you cant make it go away with word games. your goyish pilpul wont change that, whether real or fictional, jebus was a rebbe preaching to jews.

@Alex_Linder @Marko
> NO, i dOnt cARE if yOUr RIghT, Im still hate him.
> "jebus", ha!, i SaiD "jebus", tAKe thaT!

@mystik @Marko you can do the pilpul thing all day long as the cowardly catholics do - what you cant do is show ANY change in jew behavior from the day they came into world existence to today.

muh hebrew != muh jew != muh pharisee

word games. all that is. goyish pilpul parroted by lying catholics and retards without understanding.

jew = jew = jew, no matter where, no matter when.

@Alex_Linder @Marko The first christian communities were jewish. Big behavioral change. Saint Paul being a clear example.

@mystik @Marko saul acted exactly like all other jews: encouraging whites to do things that destroy their nation. christianity wrecked rome - exactly as jews intended.

@Alex_Linder @Marko Nah, you need to study History more. Rome fell because they abandoned the Republic, and after centuries of persecuting christians (including hebrew christians, like Peter and Paul).

Your reasoning here is on par with Pelossi's "God is angry at us, that's why climate change burned California".

@mystik You capitalize history, so you're not very smart. When your balls drop and you use your name in public I'll start listening to you.

Christianity is anti-White, and there is no second opinion.

@Alex_Linder Christianity is not "anti" anything except pharisee.

If Jesus came today to the Fedi, he would agree with me, and with white nationalist ethno-states too.

He is for free will, and if your will is to create an ethnostate, just go for it. Nothing wrong with it.

What Jesus teaching was all about was about humbleness, against supremacy (like pharisee -today's jews- supremacy).
@spiritsplice @Alex_Linder It means that what is happening today, was going to happen.

Do you see the division in our world today? Jesus stands for Truth. If you are for Truth you're screwed nowadays. Families divided over brainwashing vs truth.
@spiritsplice @Alex_Linder Besides, it is true that his reign is not from this world. You need to understand what that means. There are greater systems in place in this Universe. Do you think that a "country" is all that your soul ought to strive for? Do you think that there aren't other spheres of power in this world besides political/geographical/racial entities?

Haven't you thought of who could be fooling you into believing this? Maybe those who are behind those spheres of power?

Christianity is NOT against any concept of Nation, it does not oppose it. It works for a Reign that works on a different plane/dimension.

@mystik @spiritsplice Christianity isnt true. That's my objection to it.

Men don't in fact come back from the dead. But jews do lie. And suckers do fall for those lies.

@Alex_Linder @spiritsplice Ok, I think I'm wasting too much energy talking to 2D brains.

There is more to this reality/simulation, that's all I'm gonna say for now.
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