the great american novel was never written, altho i would personally give a half credit to twain's Huckleberry Finn and the other half to Melville's whale novel; now it certainly cant be, as the US is no longer a country. but the great american cartoon was achieved - by a german. you have seen it, and it is this:

[dont have it. one with klan/indian/cheerleader/bomb leg. post if you have it.]


I disagree. Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Burroughs, and Delillo belong in the running.

@Alex_Linder This the one? I think it's an equally perfect portrait of the US as it was in 1944.

@Procyon6 excellent, exactly the one i meant, and thank you very much, i do appreciate it!

@Someguy strong disagree. he pushed leftist crankery, and in my opinion was a second rater. fitzgerald was better, and could be argued, but i would never put him on a tier with the two i mentioned.

@Alex_Linder Have you read to a god unknown or the winter of our discontent? I thought they were good. East of Eden as well.

@Someguy no, i've read the regular school stuff. i have copy of EE but not got to it yet. the reason he's assigned in school is not his greatness but his leftness. his 'best' work is mostly puling to me. he is not great. read twain. he is not remotely on that level. no one in history matches twain for descriptive power.

@Alex_Linder the reg school stuff is worse. Try to a god unknown. Its anti Christian and not in a leftist way in a pagan way. I would be interested in your opinion.

@Someguy no his joadshit is his top stuff by all accounts.

@Alex_Linder I mean I didnt like that book personally. Or of mice and men that well either so I dunno what to say.

@Alex_Linder @Someguy certainly steinbeck wrote much worse books than grapes of wrath

@harrison_partch @Someguy Grapes is used to push tard socialism via mawkish whining. is there a memorable line it? no.

@Alex_Linder @Someguy i don't say it is a particularly good novel, although the events and people in it interested me as i read it. i say: he wrote novels that were much, much worse. I read some of them. Sinclair Lewis is not a great writer either but Elmer Gantry is worth reading.

@harrison_partch @Someguy yes. i have not read all bierce by any means. i have read a 500 page collection. i might make an audio out of it at some point since i finished Saki. but i personally never got too much out of his fiction, without having read it all. but i probably have read all his short stories at least. i've read most Lewis too, he's a solid second-rate writer. i'd rather go back thru and read the Russians and English i havent read than the lower tier americans.

@Someguy i will read it if i come across it. but compare it to Letters From the Earth from Twain.

@Alex_Linder I think Orwell has worse politics and he's adored by well conservatives but I think hes good as well

@Someguy steinbeck is second rate. the top of the second tier. dont personally like him much myself.

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