@RandolphScott reminds me of this visual. i'm no master of metaphor, so i hate to have the white race the poisonous spider (venomous means poisonous, fuck off) but even so..

guy holding like a few inches piece of straw w a black widow on it. lets the big spider walk all the way to one end then removes his finger so spider has to walk back the other way.

that is jews with these fucking endless alt-kike holding pens.

but so strong is Real Authority tropism among Basic Whites that the game works

@Alex_Linder "a free speech social network"
it's pretty much Tommy Robinson and Ingrid Carlqvist...

@RandolphScott yep. always a carved out exclusion for jew-critics, the only group that actually needs free speech. the only group that doesnt have to censor others to make a winning case.

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