" But it was Metzger’s response to a pointed question which I had considered a real “gotcha” that entirely flipped my egali-tarded worldview on its head. It was both the content of his response and the unconcerned manner in which he delivered it that changed the whole way I looked at the world." --Jim Goad on Tom Metzger


@Alex_Linder Goad was really good on counter-currents Sunday, shredding a Groyper's optics cucking & BASED Christianity. (minutes 50 thru 1:10 in particular) dlive.tv/p/counter-currents+RW


@C_Moose i shoujld almost listen to it. Careful Jim always curled my lip, altho i respect his perfectionism. He never went far enough. Perhaps some day he will.

@Alex_Linder Can't imagine how annoying he would've been in Raiders gear interviewing blacks. Metzger saved the world from

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