" A thorough and damning new analysis just published calls the legitimacy of this critical period into question and shows just how completely ridiculous and far-fetched the core of Joe Biden’s comeback really was in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. "


@Alex_Linder God this feels like modern white to me. Why do we need the song and dance of a 100 page article? Anyone can see it was stolen with simple arguments.

@Someguy for us. but technical proof should be laid out for courts, honest media, anyone who wants to examine it.

@Alex_Linder I dunno I feel like we are a race of lap dogs sometimes. Jews commit bold fraud towards a goal. They lay it out with simple digestible lies.

Then what do we respond with in the rare event that we do? Long winded essays that use 90% of the whitespace justifying and giving unnecessary credence to what clearly is a lie.

You never see long essay accurately attacking white nationalism or holocaust denial. They just make better lies.

@Someguy no, they dont make better lies or they wouldnt need to deplatform. if they made better lies, they wouldnt be afraid of debate. they win by taking over the big-time communications, forbidden all but their pov, repeating their positions endlessly. and working to destroy the lives of any who pipe up from the weeds.

@Alex_Linder you are correct I made a mistake.

I didn't put a lot of thought into that last bit I was more concerned about the lap dog point.

@Someguy it's like IQ. you need people proving what our nog-bashing is based on. boring crime stats, iq etc studies. that's the undergirding. but once you've read that and know it, it's boring. the obsession with proving things that were proved 100s of years is a weakness. the problem is not our case or not having made it, we've made it trillions of times and too well. the problem is something entirely different.

@Alex_Linder You were talking today about tradition and anti science (I'll group it in). A favourite of Fuentes.

And because we are losing so badly in many ways at the moment there is a draw towards the attitude of "Who cares? We are us they are them. They are causing us huge problems because they are not us. Why do we even need to be right? In the end its still us and them."

And I acknowledge what you are saying is correct about trad and this but I do tire of the even playing field

@Alex_Linder its doubly tiring because first of all it is so clear but secondly it makes it seem as if there's some set of facts where I, me personally, will agree to suicide because of some essay or argument by a jew or white guy or anyone.

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