Churches across the US commit to paying millions in racism-linked reparations in bid to 'reckon with the wrongs and evils of our past'

@Alex_Linder "'Minnesota has some of the highest racial disparities in the country - in health, wealth, housing, how police treat folks,' said the Minnesota Council of Churches' CEO, the Rev. Curtiss DeYoung. 'Those disparities all come from a deep history of racism.'"

The way they talk about how Whites are so deeply racist, on supposedly ideological or similar grounds*, fanatically disciplined if these people are to be believed, doesn't fit how Whites act or have acted historically.

@Alex_Linder *Because of course factual observation of how niggers act and behave can't be the source of Whites being wary around them, oh no.

@Alex_Linder Slavery under Whites was the greatest stroke of good fortune ever to touch the worthless nigger race; they should bless the memory of Ol' Massa, but they're ungrateful predators who attack weakness.

And these christer fag/cunts are weakness made gooey flesh. FUCK THEM, and all churches. They don't "lead" society; they are the ones being led - to the slaughter by the god damned kikes who run the only "church" that matters

@Alex_Linder bullshit that they werent doing this already by "feeding the hungry:

@Alex_Linder They are paying niggers more than their own god with the tithes of the masses. To continue to act like niggers.

@Alex_Linder Come out of the churches they are now all under the authority of ROME. JESUITS

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