EMJ rails against Protestant "judaizers", but he never harps on the centuries of church corruption & hypocrisy, let alone on the fact that only the "benevolent" church's toleration of the predator kikes among their "flock" enabled all the schisms; no, instead it's how they really protected the "ingrate" scum from the justice of their victims - as if such criminal religious stupidity is something they should receive praise for instead of the rightful condemnation of Whites


@NBForrest that's cathpah: catholicism itself is the 'revolutionary spirit' - jew is a race. catholicism, ie christianity, _is_ the judaizing. as the fellow says in the recent unz essay, christians confirm that god did in fact choose the jews at a point in time, no matter what subsequently occurred. if that aint judaizing, i dont what is. people say of yahweh "worshipping another tribe's god" but "we" xtians worship an entirely foreign race as gods. that is the judaizing. xtians...worship...jews

@Alex_Linder They must never have so much as a pubic head hair mussed, no matter what atrocities they commit against us. "Vengeance is mine", saith duh (((Lard))), herp-a-derp...

Hey - how 'bout "fuck all that jewnoise"?

@NBForrest the violence against xtians was committed by other xtians, usually out of some disagreement over some ridiculous doctrine.

you cant tell me that if you could raise the avg IQ to like 140 there would be a single church left on earth.

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