it's a fact jews alone wrote Authoritarian Personality, a pseudo-scientific tract that asserts All Whites Are Hitlers. the jews big-lie that Actual Hitler tried to exterminate them, but the big-truth is that, whether jews believe that lie or not, jews are trying to exterminate whites for the sin of existing.

We Whites observe, not claim, observe, based on evidence & history, that jews are a race of liars, criminals and murderers. they respond that whites are a race of hitlers.

@Alex_Linder I subscribe to the philosophy of Alfred Rosenberg in that the "authoritarian personality" the jews speak of is our racial personality, the expression of our racial soul. Ultimately jews have pathologized who we are, and wish to prohibit us being who we are in every way possible. There is no greater tool for destroying this racial personality than christianity. It is their universal model for all races to deny their racial souls into one mongrolized slave race who worships their god

@mastercraftsman it's simply a preference for order and seriousness over disorder and clown-worldism.

@mastercraftsman @Alex_Linder I totally agree. This is us. We must not apologise to anyone for what we are. We are what we are and IT WORKS PERFECTLY FOR US!

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