basic intellectual honesty and basic character are extremely uncommon among whites, indeed almost unheard of among anglos, whether those anglos are dirt-eating southerners or northern WASP snobs.

there is no anglo model for opposing jews. the entire anglo 'experience' is admiring jews, facilitating their crimes, and more or less copying them.

@Alex_Linder ^, they gave us a homosexual tamed & corrupted version of their sick minds.

Jews=natural reservoir of pathological Narcissism/Psychopathy?

Toxoplasmosis, Grasshopper Worm...behavior/mind-altering parasites (majority radio). Psychological projection transmitted via culture & institutions.

If my daughter does ballet, & i keep bringing up the idea of her tripping during a performance prior to it, over & over, is she more or less liklely to actually trip during a performance?

@Alex_Linder Why treat them as part of the White race? Excise them. Naturally select them out of the gene pool if they are lacking in basic intellectual character. Really there is no need to tolerate greedy snobs or slobs within the White race.
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