Assume every hominid is a woman, let it prove otherwise. study how far it departs from egg-basic. that's a valid approach to hominidology.

@Alex_Linder,any ideas as to how Aryan males can overcome feminisation/infantilization under these circumstances?

Seems like one does need role models to emulate.

Bruno Cariou theorizes that this feminisation/decadence began in earnest when we ceased bringing our sons with us to work on a daily basis & left them with their mothers instead.

Bitches went in for the kill.

Abolishing rites of passage rituals also seems to have been a death blow insofar as forging mature masculine men en masse

@PsychelonB got to build up good habits until they get engrained. take care of your body. take care of your mind. avoid tv and sugar. do reading and stevia. basically it's better to stay away from women. you can marry but it's extremely legally dangerous - to the point it's inadvisable, actually. if you want that challenge, you better know exactly what you're risking. parent helps child see what is actually admirable, and discuss/explain how to get there. not too hard, really. but kill tv.

@PsychelonB have to cut out any group or institution that tries to unman us. this can even be own relatives - given how susceptible women are to media. most people dont understand what men and women actually are. without that understanding - that's where we fall into the traps.

essentially, our country, under jew, has traded stable family life for harassed, stressed, no-free-time women being amateur men, and everybody overtaxed and underslept.

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