17 year-old Alex Zivojinovich (the future superstar Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson) arguing with his parents about his doubtful future. From the doc "Come on Children":


@NBForrest i saw rush in concert, it was impressive. i have never experienced such an all-sense attack as when they started.

@Alex_Linder It is my regret not to have seen them. They are (were in Peart's case) great musicians with great songs.


@NBForrest i like lots of their songs, it was great. i'm not a concert guy, i've seen only a handful. when the music is loud enough, it's actually happening inside you. that's how it feels .

@Alex_Linder I've been to far too few. I love them. I saw Malmsteen a couple of years ago. Usually a 20 minute dose of his stuff is all I want at a time, but I wanted to see him do it live at least once: incredible.

Too bad my fucking neck was killing me...

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