I mean, can you trust anyone you havent known for twenty years?

Under current circumstances?

@Someguy @Alex_Linder, there's a maxim that once a German tells you he is your friend, he is so for life.

Seems true, in my experience, I got close to an exchange student who i consider to be a quality man (better friend than just about any Aryan American I've met irl, imo), but i wouldn't assume it applies to just any German blindly.

There are obviously scumbag/weak Germans, or they wouldnt have ever had a Jewish/christian infestation.


@PsychelonB @Someguy there's a seriousness in germany you dont find in america. that was what my blood responded to, and i dont care if i sound like some trust fund hippie chick cavorting with larval elephants.

just as the south, southerners, taught me what was wrong with the north, germany showed me what's wrong with america. i knew something was wrong beforehand. i didnt know precisely what. just as i knew something wrong with jews, but cuddihy murray showed me exactly what.

@Alex_Linder @Someguy, must have been interesting to have visited E.Germany.

Think I understand. Been to Europe a few times, it felt "sacred," even before I learned what I've learned.

They just seemed like better people to me, less shitty & consumed by plastic.

Anyway, I hope Paul Craig Roberts is correct about what's happening. Hope Europeans throw "our" military out of Europe, today.

Think Jews would go Churchill/Samson Option if so?

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