Jews were just as happy owning slaves and producing minstrel shows as they are raping Mary Phagans and producing race-mixing tv shows.

@Alex_Linder clearly not otherwise things wouldn't have changed :thinknyan:

@Binkle @Alex_Linder Things take time. Change is not immediate. What was that phrase? Slow is steady and steady is fast. Jews have patience. One of the reasons why they are winning right now.

@Someguy @Binkle jews arent patient in the sense you mean. they work a plan over extreme long term. they recognize that as a small minority, they cant make big mistakes, even small ones are dangerous. they must proceed degree by degree. you can see them doing this with regard to race over 20th century in mass media. they turn a giant ship one degree at a time until it's moving the opposite direction. changed newspaper professor hired, new dept started, new judge appointed...

@Alex_Linder @Binkle sometimes I run my mouth about things I don't know as does everyone. But sometime I just don't explain it as well as I could.

I knew this one orthodox Jew for about a year after I joined gab and all we ever talked about was Jews. So in this case I really do know.

I asked him after Bowers what would he do to Gab. Would he shut it down? And he told me told no, one cannot extend oneself like this. Something else will pop up. Its not worth it. You have to do it secretly

@Binkle if you think harder you might figure out why you're wrong.

@Alex_Linder yep. Just as happy anti war as pro war. Gotta hand it to them. They understand ideology is only a tool and they change on a dime. Whites still get confused by this.

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