bad rhetoric: white identity

white is not an identity

@Alex_Linder "Identity", "identitarian" etc is French gunk, comes from the milieu around de Benoist and others of his ilk. I'll always maintain this - Americans have put forward the best racialists since WW2. No other nation comes close. Part of it is hate speech laws, sure, but also a certain continental pretentiousness that I don't see with the great Americans. RPO was twice as learned as any European but as funny and coarse as they come as well.

@Alex_Linder The whole concept of identity as it is used today is dubious in and of itself IMO. Beyond name and birth date... eh. Not much value in it.


@TheIronHeart identity is external. you can assume it. be issued it. it's useful in this or that system. race is not an identity. it is something you are, like a cardinal or bluebird or white man. that FACT may be used as part of some external identity, as other facts are, for some purpose, typically related to record keeping, but calling it 'white identity' is trivializing race. hell, race is trivializing species. we are the white man, men and women. we are our own species.

@Alex_Linder Yeah, it is properly used for superficial stuff. It's just right in line with "i identify as a woman" even though I am a man. Basic biological facts can or rather should never be reduced to that status. But here we are.

@TheIronHeart i guess one can identify as a woman or a telephone pole but that doesnt make one one.

it's similar if not exactly the same thing as leftists claiming that words = reality. and then forcing others to play along with their cultic charade or be fired, sued or killed.

why in the world would (ambiguous) 'we' play into that by using the word ourselves?

we ARE white. it has nothing to do with any choice. it is a biological reality, a fact. word games dont change it.

@Alex_Linder I find COVID is very much a left-cultist agenda being forced down our throats with deaths numbers and such being reported on every hour, every day, every week, every month. But still the average death is like 85 here. Just ridiculous nonsense.

Me living where I do, a suburban place, I see no sign of a pandemic going on beyond some coward women between 30-45 wearing masks.

@TheIronHeart the danger are the vaccines not the cold.

the existence of the virus has not been established. nor has any scientific test for it. just empty claims.

what's going on is cold/flu/other are being called 'covid' in order to kill off white elderly bodies and white youngerly businesses.

@Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart if your body is too weak for the common cold you do not deserve to live. But likewise also you shouldn't have to put up with the globalized economy that created that phenomena in the first place. Getting muttie-ethnic food really does get you killed.
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