catholicism is a form of judeo-leftism

*race doesnt matter!
*except for the Chosen race!
*but dont unchosen you worry -- our glorious Tribe has seen fit to whelp a winner for your consumption: we call him Jesus. Meet your new BFF, the (((kang of kangz)))
*we will graciously allow you to worship this jew we invented as (((god Itself))).

@Alex_Linder you know very people join pieville because of this stance. I was just attacked by a tital wave of mongs over at poast. They all love muh jesus and jap cartoons for some reason.

@Someguy well if you're into aggressive outreach. i just insult jesus niggers who come within range.

@Alex_Linder you said today: no such thing as red bat identity. Well I agree and I want you (you being the jesus nigger)

@Someguy no idea who joins, i mostly see bots, and now and then a realie

@Alex_Linder well there are a tremendous number of real mongs on poast that's my point

@Someguy conservative idiots are the base of the pyramid, always largest number

@Alex_Linder when I switched from conservative to white nationalist, my immediate observation was wow all these conservatives are really white nationalists who are just wink wink nudge nudge. This is obvious.

And then I said so and they all yelled at me.

@Someguy conservatism is simply cowardice, it derives ultimately from (((catholicism)))

@Someguy that's what makes 'em niggers. they cant tell facts from fantasies.

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