" While the spike protein cannot replicate or multiply like a virus, it is toxic in and of itself. In her paper, Seneff details how the spike protein acts as a metabolic poison, capable of triggering pathological damage leading to lung damage and heart and brain diseases "


Extremely hard to assess information. Have to work from general principles. For me that is:

1) the people promoting the coof and the vaxx are liars / profit pecuniously from this (propaganda term) 'jab.'

2) the people getting the vax are mostly sheep. and psychosubs who get off on being dominated.

3) i dont have a problem, so i dont require a solution.

Everybody forgets that Thalidomide was a multiple-government approved drug at one time.

@Alex_Linder Almost no one knows what Thalidomide is/did.

@Alex_Linder, the fact a flammable fuel additive, hand sanitizer, Lysol ingredient - a plain toxin & carcinogen,Ethanol - is the one acceptable mainstream drug says a lot too.Most drugs in their "pure" form become toxic only at higher amounts; Ethanol is toxic at any amount,& damages every tissue type.

Yet,it's not even known as a hard drug. "Heroin 'Overdose' vs Alcohol 'Poisoning.'" Alcoholic vs Addict

You can get oral+throat cancer as a non "drinker" from swishing Listerine (thx 2 Ethanol)

@Alex_Linder, they might also promote their (((yeshua))) cult to encourage the "stupid goyim" to "drink"...for their Alcohol industry monopoly.

"muh water into wine...wine at muh last supper...blood into wine."

@Alex_Linder No, people remember that but forget that it was NOT approved in the US!

you are thinking of the telivision show Flipper

which is about a dolphin

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