we need a White holiday to celebrate unironically

@MaceDindu that poor girl deserves better than association with that lot of weak tea


I guess I gotta go Aunt Edna


celebrated april 20

White cake with blood-red candles, three of them

solemnizing courage, the mother of races that matter

@Alex_Linder tbh, Colombus day fits the bill well, which is why it's under attack.

@MaceDindu not bad, but can you think smaller....uh...more cramped...more doiliest....politer...

we want a holiday that wipes its dick on a curtain what i'ms trying to say

@MaceDindu why is your type congenitally defensive

get some swagger, nigger

our race isnt about other races

@Alex_Linder I was going to reply that it was a joke, but I'm not sure you're right. At this point, racial humiliation of our foes might even be the play.
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