"If you don't like it, make your own website"

2005: You do, unless you do something really stupid, everything goes fine. Maybe a few people bitch or laugh at you.

2010: You do, and the same people autistically write articles calling you a threat to society, maybe some false flagging, usually nothing comes of it.

2015: You do, and the same people who told you to try to dox you, and contact your hosting provider. It sometimes works

2020: You do, and the MSM writes articles about you and the police launch an investigation. Hope you have server hosting contacts in multiple foreign countries.

2025: You were placed on watch ages ago, a court order forbids you from owning or operating a server of any kind. Your communications will be monitored via your phone and home smart devices.

2030: The council of truth will hear your defense now. You will face reeducation if they find it inadequate.


no no no no. you're probably too young, but you were absolutely viciously attacked and driven off your server in 2000 if you proved you could build an audience. REPEATEDLY. we at VNN were banned from literal PAGE COUNTER gidgets.


Do tell, I'll admit I'm a bit rusty going further back than 2010 as far as internet drama goes.

@maxtepafray we were ddosed and driven off servers repeatedly after starting in august 2000 (vanguardnewsnetwork). we were denied every possible resource. had to keep finding new servers. we had a legal threat to our url by a billion-dollar company in very short order. every time we did anything public, the website would be inaccessible. media camped out to harass our supporter's pregnant wife. on and on and on. dont listen to what liars say - everything that happened after 2010 happened before

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