Every single word in the (((bible))) was written by a jew.


merely a matter of self-education. for example, these lovely red bushes i hate because their touch sends a wave of horror through me, their prick, are japanese barberry. they are invasive. they turn green in the woods. apparently brought for decorative plants. they're all over kirksville, but i have ended them at my place. i am pro-hosta. that's my kind of plant. want to find some red ones with white tips but dont think they exist. i hate plants that litter.

@mystik @Alex_Linder Brother, can I tell you the Good News about your Aryan Blood/Soul? No belief required.
@Witzgall @Alex_Linder
I know of the good news. Do you want to know about the bad news?
White people, especially women, are the most vulnerable to jewish tricks and make up the majority of soyboys.
We're far from perfect. But we can be perfect in Christ.
@mystik @Alex_Linder Even better than being perfect in Christ, you can fucking fight for the Aryan. Just subordinate your Christian beliefs to your God-given understanding/not understanding.
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