all this bullshit 'vaccination' is doing is creating one hell of a lot more infectious, destructive particles in all our environments than would otherwise be there

@Alex_Linder I think the lockdowns themselves very negative in this way: the way to kill of a virus, that wasn't even that dangerous to begin with, was to let it run its course through the population so it would mutate naturally and become weaker. At some point, you can't escape nature. What the hell we got going now I am not sure of.

@Alex_Linder The top guys at Stanford and Harvard (Kulldorf, Ionnanidis) said to protect the old and weak, and let the young and healthy live as usual thus taking the brunt of the virus and get it to mutate naturally as any other virus. And again, it's not that deadly any way. Instead a completely fake "solution" got conjured up.


@TheIronHeart it's like '9/11' - if the name alone doesnt tell you it's agitprop, nothing will help. it's the same pattern: dont ask why (the devil's question, according to CS lewis, the christcunt), just shut up and eat your toby keithpie.

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