dont listen to anyone talking about "our boys" over there dying for nothing. every last one of those cocksuckers knew what that war was all about - and if not, then that jackass didnt do his diligence, he just signed up for fun or money.

no excuses. we arent southerners here. NO EXCUSES.

@Alex_Linder Vietnam was a draft based on several lies. Afghanistan was a voluntary effort based on several lies.

Our boys should know better not to associate with federally funded veterans of undesirable wars. Regardless if they have swastikas in their PFPs and post happy merchant memes.
You can't put the blame on everyone who went over there. Back in 2001 it was an entirely different world, the internet and the amount of knowledge that you can find wasn't widely available. I didn't even own a PC until 2005.

A lot of people signed up to kill those responsible for attacking the US. And then I was sent to Iraq.

I mean, anyone who joins the military in today's world can go fuck off and die for Israel. Personally, many others and myself were duped into going to war for Israel.
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