if had millions from bitcoin i would subsidize research and/or translation to culminate in leather-bound english editions of top-flight research fully and completely documenting the (((christian))) destruction of White heritage


@Alex_Linder, but there wouldn't be any trees left due to the demand for paper such a book would require...

Hordes of christ-rat Aryan males would cry so many tears that Jews global warming hoax might begin to seem plausible..

Adult thumb sucking would become a widespread cultural norm...

In other words, go for it!

A slick documentary would compliment it nicely,& it'd be a great opportunity to expose female nature since they were most of the early "converts" who were actual Aryans

@PsychelonB i was alluding to a multi-volume german work i have heard of but never seen. there may be others i'm not aware of.

@Alex_Linder Two part essay on this very subject. "Why Europeans Must Reject Christianity." Part 1 - mostly covers the destruction of what the author calls "pagan" science, philosophy, etc. Part 2 - discusses christianity as proto-communism. Both parts will infuriate you. Whites have lost so much, thanks you christards, esp for the Dark Ages. Worst is that we are still feeling the effects of christianity since its inception.

@O2 i've seen that but an article cant cover it all. i want an exhaustive book or books on the subject by a legit academic or qualified researcher.

@Alex_Linder For anyone who hasn't read it before, it's an eye opener. I knew a fair amount but was floored by the described wanton destruction and policy/laws of ignorance over truth to make the "church" look better. Salvation through stupidity. To this day, people confuse belief with fact.

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