if had millions from bitcoin i would subsidize research and/or translation to culminate in leather-bound english editions of top-flight research fully and completely documenting the (((christian))) destruction of White heritage


@Alex_Linder, but there wouldn't be any trees left due to the demand for paper such a book would require...

Hordes of christ-rat Aryan males would cry so many tears that Jews global warming hoax might begin to seem plausible..

Adult thumb sucking would become a widespread cultural norm...

In other words, go for it!

A slick documentary would compliment it nicely,& it'd be a great opportunity to expose female nature since they were most of the early "converts" who were actual Aryans


@PsychelonB i was alluding to a multi-volume german work i have heard of but never seen. there may be others i'm not aware of.

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