this is almost literally true: the only healthy looking people in southern iowa are mennonites and amish. in fact, the few others that are healthy looking -- every once in a while you'll see an attractive woman with 3-4 towheads, the young wife of a white man who has some farm land. these are the truly still-lucky in america, and there used to be millions upon millions of them, but not anymore. the land is being stolen by jew banker-funded groups like blackstone.


Pella, Iowa is full of tall, lean people. Thousands of men and women.

@Alex_Linder @Alex_Linder
The Amish still use the implicit knowledge that humans collected over many centuries.
We abandoned that knowledge because we are obsessed with explicit knowledge and are too retarded to make that old wisdom explicit.

@Alex_Linder And BlackRock (which was created by Fink and others within Blackstone group, then broke off and became the biggest asset manager in the world).

@Calvin yeah and they're pricing people out of housing. this is quite visible in most american cities now including small ones. look up the number of people now living in trailer parks, that number has gone way up.

@Alex_Linder Interesting. Plus, tiny homes and converted vehicles, as well as off-grid (or semi-off-grid) solutions are gaining popularity. Which, I honestly don’t think is a bad thing. But, along with Bill Gates, it seems their plan is to deprive people of land (you can house people vertically with apartments and similar, but the people living there do not have much “land”). You need land to grow things, which you can eat or make into other things (tools, resources, fuel, etc.). But taking away property and housing plays into things fairly nicely, as well (but not as long term as taking away land).

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