i saw some hawkfolk getting into it today. one was sitting like a fat rat on a branch puffing out in the so-so sun; the other was rising off the veldt with something tawny in its talons, no doubt a delicious Field Rat

@Alex_Linder or… I spotted a fleet-footed creature skulking across the road. It took one suspicious glance back at me with its luminous, yellow eyes before disappearing into the bush to continue its crepuscular business, its bottle-brush tail bristling behind it?

@Alex_Linder I think it was your boolagog since i spotted it along the margin of the day but it was just a small one

@su boolagongs are bigger than what you described

@su boolagongs are bigger than honey badgers but less confrontaceous. they are crepuscular, tho, you nailed that.

@su fresh boolagongs are generally whelped twixt may and august.

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