the correct way to write is to be funny and extremely fast and then of a sudden around a curve comes something purestraight BALD best described that presses right onto the mind of the feebreader in a most undeniable way

you have to create in the reader a multitaneous sensation of being fingered up the ass while being petted and poked and punched. above all you must get the reader moving and scared to get his pussy wet so you can stick whatever your particular pensis is in him and achieve baby.

@Ricotta @Alex_Linder
You're right about getting them to feel something. I followed your advice by posting some comments on my facebook wall for all to read. This resulted in some people "unfriending" me. So I know it struck a nerve. One thing I wrote was:
"Imagine being so brave and so 'good', that you don't protest the theft of your grandkids' future."

@bigbrother1066 @Ricotta you got to get people moving. or off balance, however you want to put it. get in their marrow. they have to be opened up somehow to where they are actually responding mentally not just consoomering.

@Alex_Linder @Ricotta
Precisely. One response I received was, "You're entitled to your beliefs, but when you shove them on people and make them feel uncomfortable, it's not acceptable." Rather than pointing out their hypocrisy, I chose to spend the time lifting weights. I see what you mean when you say being healthier and better looking is more persuasive to many people. They mostly go by externals.

@bigbrother1066 @Ricotta arguing with bourgeois is always a waste of time. not that i havent offended this a millions times over but the principle is valid no matter one ignore it.

@bigbrother1066 @Ricotta i want to spend my life with Nice people doing Socially Approved things.

their circle of mind is so tiny and uninteresting. they're like terrarium miniatures

@Alex_Linder @Ricotta
True. It's just difficult to swallow when some of them are family members, which one would want to wake up.

@bigbrother1066 @Ricotta got to find something where they admit there's a problem, and carefully guide them to its actual cause rather than the conservative-jewed mediasplanation.

@Ricotta the writer rapes the reader, but the rape requires foreplay, unlike physical rape

Another one was:
"Imagine taking money every month from a public institution which overtly grooms innocent kids to hate themselves (critical race theory) and to take hormone injections before adolescence (transexualism). Imagine choosing to serve that institution because you don't believe that you have enough agency to find another job or create your own job." I tried appealing to the way they see themselves (as good, moral people), and inserting a seed of doubt.

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