If it "protects" jews, it endangers whites.

This is zero sum.

We are _not_ in this together.

@Alex_Linder White Nations

White Power

White Pride

White Values

White Society

Parasites must be expelled for all of humanity to Survive

@Alex_Linder joe biden said "if israel didn't exist we'd have to invent it to defend our interests in the middle east". america has obsessively established a white colony in palestine for nearly a century. american evangelical christians are obsessed with jews and regard themselves as the chosen people. they even circumcise themselves. you are in this lie you created for each other together.

@esther you polacks/catholics are me-too jews too. all christians are.

and you're even worse because you're puppets OF puppets. you're double puppets. and polish too!

@Alex_Linder this is just a server i registered for... had no idea flying the polish flag would be so controversial

@Alex_Linder @esther polacks helped haitians kill White French men because muh based black slaves.
@esther @Alex_Linder Hey bub, I didn't do shit for Israel. Never have. I wasn't there when they founded it, or for any of the territory they grabbed. Wasn't there for the embassy moving to Jerusalem, or for normalization of relations between Israel and their neighbors, or for wars to destabilize the region. It looks like I wasn't consulted!

@happypirate @Alex_Linder sure. but it looks like the majority of the "white" nation is evangelical and strongly identifies with its conception of a white jewish people which it established in israel. apart from the neopagan fringe, which even hitler was not able to convert into a mass movement, the "white" nation is totally bound up in this neo-israel conspiracy. israel is one of the preeminent weapons of american imperialism (read: white power) in the middle east. i don't like this, i'm just describing it.


we got as many retard catholics as evangelicals. they're all weak cucks. i dont care what brand of supersession you favor, it's all me-too cuckery, and the spiritual leads directly to the secular. the problem is christianity the thing, the particular goldberg variation is irrelevant.

if you live long enough in poland and we dont win your catholics will lead you the same way because they reject race and claim "africans can be polish." --E. Michael Jones, our top catholic ideologue

@Alex_Linder according to eckhart's journals, hitler said he couldn't believe jesus was a jew. what do you think he meant?

if the spiritual leads to the secular, does that mean you are a materialist?

i live in the us, not poland. i'm just using the internet...

@esther hitler was anti-christian, he knew darn well anyone called 'rabbi' who teaches in a temple isnt Aryan

@Alex_Linder you think Eckhart was making it up? Hitler also is supposed to have carried a scourge in allusion to Jesus expelling the money changers in the temple. he seems ambivalent, and to have possibly regarded christianity as anti-semitic. he claimed that jews had corrupted luther's translation, though.

@esther hitler was anti-christian, 100%. he looked to nature in a way that is directly opposed by the catholicism he was raised in. it's on every page of Mein Kampf. the catholic church is pro-defective and hitler was pro-healthy.

@Alex_Linder you can say what you want but i've read the man and he said things that suggest he was not totally anti-christian. i'm not invested in this either way, i was just surprised to find this when i started to study him.


christianity was created by jews to destroy (White) Rome. it's raceless, classless, ancestor-reviling cuckery.

@Alex_Linder i'm not arguing about that, just trying to get a clearer idea of what hitler believed based on his writings and recorded sayings.

@esther that's why you started with something he didnt say and wasnt recorded. you're a jew and a liar.

@esther @Alex_Linder All Christianity at this point is Judaized and philosemitic with the exception of small splinter groups (who still suffer from the fundamental problem of worshiping a foreign tribe and myths/prophets). Linder has pointed this out. The tendency toward Judaizing is latent in Christianity because the underlying myth is Jewish. It should not surprise us that a lot of these people believe that bringing on the Millennium is a good thing, and that the prophecies behind that involve rebuilding the temple and empowering the Jews.

@happypirate no, that's wrong. it BEGAN bad. it didnt go bad, it was started and intended to be anti-White.

@happypirate you completely misrepresent what i said. christianity never was and cannot be pro-White, it was created by jews to be anti-White and cannot be other.

@Alex_Linder @happypirate It was not "created by jews". That's fucking retarded. The Bible tells you to directly opposed jews and demands you obey God rather than man.

@FreeinTX shut up you fucking retard. the bible was written by jews, you fucking dirt-eating halfwit.

@Alex_Linder It was not written by jews, ya dumb fucking nigger.

@happypirate no, the "judaizing" is the thing itslef, not something the various splinters can accuse each other of. what could be more judaizing than posting this jew as god for foreigners to worship.

christianity is judaizing.

christianity was founded by jews. spread by jews. its main book written by jews. the subject of that book is jews jewing jewily.

it takes some nerve to talk about "judaizing" after all that TO BEGIN WITH.

there is no ATOM of christianity that isnt jewish.

@Alex_Linder I was replying specifically to that guy saying that Evangelicals are the problem. One sect somewhat pointlessly accuses the other of not being the True Faith™ and of Judaizing. I was pointing to the fact that all Christianity is Judeo-Christianity.

I think that something like Positive Christianity is going to have to be kept for people who really want to believe in the Christian worldview, because otherwise those people will attack anyone they see as undermining their thing.

@happypirate @Alex_Linder that's all correct and i don't like it, but most of the actual resistance to the project of israel comes from socialists who oppose it as a white nationalist and imperialist project. so i guess i'm trying to make sense of this situation.

@esther @Alex_Linder What have they accomplished? What do they actually do?

@happypirate @Alex_Linder the socialists, with regard to israel? they mobilize around arab resistance mostly. they advance candidates who oppose military funding to israel. they have only limited success so far, sure, but there seem to be more of them than nazis, and they are better organized politically, if not militarily. my main point is that most white racists seem to implicitly regard european jews and israel as allies in global white imperialism. nearly every communist party globally condemns israel today.

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