who deserves more credit, the singer or songwriter? i think the writer deserves more. i dont care if these writers were jews, this is as good as it gets in country in my opinion.

this song achieves an emo equivalent of orgasm, imo, i think that has to be the hardest thing to achieve in writing songs of this type


@Alex_Linder Good one. Not the usual "Who needs a man?" tuff grrl shit too many of today cuntry women put out.

@NBForrest today's country is terrible judging by my car rado. it's all ahd drink her bathwatern n budwahser

@Alex_Linder The lowest fomulaic shit imaginable:

"Yeah, bro, we gonna git in our pickups 'n' go muddin, then have a kegger, 'n' she'll be wearin' them Daisy Dukes..."

"Lifestyle Country" they call it. Designed to appeal to suburban women.


@NBForrest it's all cunt worship. all simping. all u r so umazing. ahm jus lucky you tolerate ol' pebblenadded me in your holy presence

the only other subject than she-worship is drinking beer

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