feminism had terrible 'optics' from day one thru today.

yet it triumphed completely.

optics fags cant even begin to explain this. it not only refutes their theory it suggests the opposite, because you could just as well use jews or niggers - the most optically challenged out there. the least optical have the most power. explain that, optics retard.

@Alex_Linder "The Left" has always suffered from bad optics and bad logic, yet they still win the battle for hearts and minds, because they have a secret weapon: Control over the media.

Power is the ability to control what people think is right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust, and the Jews have that power--through their control of the media.

@russ which in turn derives from control of money which in turn derives from racial loyalty. most people are biologically unable NOT to follow authority, which i like to phrase as most people are women (mentally). until whites develop racial loyalty they cannot compete with team jew.

we cannot expect the average white, without aid, to resist a uniform message coming from sunday school, monday school, tv and all mass media, all politicians, all state employees and heads of F500 corporations.

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