Geminigirl 🇺🇸
Armed nigger confronts Dollar Store clerk with gun, clerk shoots him dead. The armed robbers siblings say CLERK shouldn’t have brought a gun to work.

video of its nigblings arguing against the clerk defending himself

Jews unleashed these biological weapons onto us.

@Alex_Linder Amazing, "yeah he's robbin' em, OH WELL" these nogs have no self awareness. They're violent chimps and their (((masters))) set them loose on innocent whites w/ hope they continue to murder us. It's obvious why they want to take guns away from us.

@Zacharda they dont consider stealing illegitimate. the notion of crime is White, not black. they look at it the way their fellow animals do, as valid opportunism.

@Alex_Linder @Zacharda Hey they stole it fair and square, he's the one who was lackin'.
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