hitler was just like us. no one taught him jews were bad. in fact, to the extent he absorbed anything it was that they were good and put upon. when he went to vienna, reality intruded upon his vague and inaccurate notions - and he allowed it to teach him.

@Alex_Linder No jew has ever personally screwed me over, and I grew up being taught the Gawd's Chosen shit. But I have eyes.

@NBForrest how many jews have you personally dealt with?

@Alex_Linder Not many at all. I was friends with one in elementary school who died in a fall from a Catholic school roof. Mark Cohen his name was. I had a jew doctor who had the personality of a doorknob, but he wasn't a quack, so no personal beefs.

"It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

@NBForrest as i've said, in my experience, jews pay much more attention to the truth than aryans do. i will admit, i think much more the way jews do - in this regard. but i dont try to sharp, cozen or mulct people. in me the trait is inborn, i certainly didnt learn it. goyim almost always prefer the respectable and the imaginative or the feel-good to the truth. that's why most of them arent interesting and are simply NPC. that's my private view i would never express publicly.

@Alex_Linder @NBForrest The million dollar question is, is this mental attitude natural or did the jews condition them to be this way through religion, media, education, etc.?

@NBForrest in some ways, i think i knew beneath the surface where i would end up, so i semi-consciously was around jews to see what they are actually like, knowing it would serve me, before i completely understood them intellectually, which happened when i was 25 thru the true and sinking feeling that comes from reading The Ordeal of Civility.

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