christians love what they call morality, and they couldnt care less about the consequences of same. exactly what we see with secular liberalism (wokism).

loosing niggers destroys society. so what? it's what god wants.

that's the pattern all their arguments follow. if something is deemed by them immoral, they shut like clam. wont hear any argument from mere reality.

christianity IS liberalism. and it's from the jews. and it destroys White society and White genes, just as it destroyed Rome.


destruction of christendom by the jewish people? That is what God wants. Always throw back insult with insult.
@MK2boogaloo @Alex_Linder
Alexander Milton Linderstein is a Mossad asset.
He is all for abortion, supports Patriot Front®, and pretends to care about white races while insulting Jesus.
Israel pays him to effectively deactivate any real opposition to their criminal state.
We can't win without God.
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