one silver lining the coronahoax should have had is reduced respect for doctors, as they are revealed to be the same old yes-sir right-away-sir everyone else is

@Alex_Linder I see this in my recent willingness to forego one of my blood pressure medications as a trade-off for less vertigo on the scaffold. Vertigo could kill me in an instant up there, but I've mistakenly prioritized my life around a fear of nebulous longterm ramifications of a sphygmomanometer reading.

@JimmyMarr my view is only take pills if you have problems after you've fixed your diet / behavior.

@Alex_Linder In researching side-effects (vertigo), I inadvertently discovered that the medication may also increase hunger. Wtf? Weight loss is likely the best therapy for blood pressure reduction and I've been taking an appetite stimulant?

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