i specifically did not request an It's Pat society.

@Alex_Linder I loved that skit as a kid. I thought the concept of awkward situations with an androgynous person was the funniest shit. Well, jokes on me now.

@MaceDindu yeah. that horrible noise the thing made. i could not believe even jews w agenda would make a feature length movie out of that character.

@MaceDindu i never thought i would hear anyone admit on live tv they liked It's Pat.

@Alex_Linder I've never seen the movie; I saw part of it on HBO once, but the only thing I remember about it was that Ween was in it for some reason.

Yeah, and people say that the reason all these companies are putting rainbow colors in their logo is for marketing (i.e. to make money). That's their theory, easily disproven by facts.

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